Sensation Play

By Leigh

Copyright 2004



Since grammar school, most of us have been able to name the five senses. These senses are, of course, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The beauty of the D/s scene is how all of these elements are considered when creating the appropriate and desired atmosphere. At play parties, dungeons, and even at demos, you will see that an attempt is always made to achieve the proper mood for the scene. There, candles, incense, and music are used to full effect. These things alone can heighten anxiety, induce relaxation or even add to the fantasy of a role-play.

Sensation play can be extremely erotic, yet is a fairly non-intimidating way to achieve a high level of power exchange. This makes it a very good place for many newbies to begin. There are never set rules for any type of scene, and your imagination is your greatest asset when planning and implementing this type of play.


Lighting should be low. The purpose is to still be able to see, but in a soothing light. This can mean candles, tinted bulbs or a dimmer switch...whichever strikes your fancy!


In sensation play, the goal is to have your submissive relaxed and open to even the slightest touch. The music playing should reflect that goal. Everyone has their own personal favorites, and a little listening and experimentation should bring you to a favorite selection or two for these situations. The biggest problem with mood music is having the CD end before your scene does. Either select several CDs to play automatically, or set up your favorite to play in a loop. Either way, don't let the music stop before the end of the scene!


The use of scented candles, oils, or incense will add greatly to any scene. Picking the scent itself is a personal choice, but sampling a few essential oils or scented candles never hurts if you are in search of that perfect scent. Some people like the smells associated with foods, such as vanilla, cinnamon or apples...some enjoy floral fragrances or musks. Experiment with these items. There are an infinite variety of fragrances to enjoy, each setting it's own mood. There are even leather scented candles if you are so inclined. The point of sensation play is to excite all of your partner's senses, and it has been proven that the sense of smell triggers far more vivid memory recall than any of the other four senses.


From this point in time, your choices become limitless. You are in control of every aspect of the world around them. You have chosen what they see, what they hear and what they smell. And, you will soon choose what they taste and feel. They have given you their sense to play with, tease and torture.

In sensation play, I personally find that limiting movement can be emotionally, very powerful. Not only is someone controlled mentally, but physically as well. Limiting movement does not have to mean rope or chain. It can be as simple as commanding your partner to remain still in a particular position...maybe simulating the outstretched limbs of one tied to a four post and vulnerable, but a reminder that they are giving themselves willingly.

Along with this, sensory deprivation can also be very effective. Cutting off your partner's sight with a blindfold, or limiting hearing with a set of headphones can easily intensify what is happening to other parts of their bodies. The bottom line is that you should find out beforehand through clear communication, exactly what your partner's likes and dislikes are, and whether they have any allergies or skin sensitivities. You want this experience to be erotic and sensual, not distasteful or rash inducing!

You are now in the enviable position of facing a willing partner...naked, bound and blindfolded before you, excitedly anticipating your every touch. So, the question is...what toys do you use?

For sensation play, there is absolutely no need to go out and purchase specialty toys yet. You would be amazed at what can be accomplished with common household items! Here is a small list...


Feather Duster, sandpaper, brillo pad, hairbrush, ice, cheese grater, fur, duct tape, cold silverware, Icy Hot muscle pain cream, candle wax, chocolate, lemons, popsicles...

Add to this the sensations that you can create with your fingers, your tongue or even just your will be a long time before you need or want to spend money on prefabricated specialty toys. The idea is to alternate the sensations and feelings...from soft to rough, hot to cold, scratchy to soothing. Your partner's nerve endings will be stretched to the limits and then some. For maximum effect, no part of your partner's body should go untouched. In this way, you are able (maybe for the first time) to pay attention to the whole person, not just one or two obvious areas...Pay attention to their skin reactions, facial expressions and breathing...with each touch you will bring them pleasure, and learn more about them than you ever thought possible.



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