Yahoo, Inc., while unwilling to forego the revenues from adult sites they host, sought to appease the various Parents Groups and Religious Activists who were seeking to rid the Internet of all things "Distasteful". The way that Yahoo accomplished this was to delete virtually all adult news groups, chat and posting boards from their search engines. Therefore, getting to our Yahoo Group without assistance is similar to looking for "a needle in the haystack", unless you get the proper directions!

Follow these steps, and you should be in contact with us shortly!

  1. Establish a membership with Yahoo Groups by going to and registering. Make sure that you fill in the section asking for Age Verification, and PLEASE, enter your age when it is requested. If you don't, they will block you from the adult sections.
  2. Once you have registered and completed your profile, sign-in! For those of you who have already established a Yahoo Groups Membership, you are still required to sign in.
  3. Once you are signed-in, come back to this page and follow this link:

West Coast Power Exchange Yahoo Group



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