A Dom's Training - 1977

By Sir Fairnuff


After dinner, Mistress Marcy explained to Me that if I was going to lay the lash to Her slave, I would have to understand what a slave felt during training. I would have to endure it Myself. This is "NOT" what I had in mind at all. jan, Her slave, acted as her assistant. she would sneak a touch of My balls or cock, a little lick here and there, a whisper, "i can't wait until you are doing this to me".

I'm sure now that this was all part of Her "Master" plan. Mistress Marcy never missed anything! She related directly to my testosterone level. jan ritually removed my clothes and put the non-lined cuffs on My ankles and wrists. After she hung Me up to the ceiling and attached My legs to the spreader bar, Mistress Marcy had her put cock & ball cinchers on, which I liked. They add a lot of sensations. A blindfold was added for good measure.

This, I'm sure you know, turned My whole world inside-out. Not My cup of tea. Mistress Marcy was ready to join now. She started medium-hard, saying that I was tough enough and didn't deserve a warm-up like a fragile slave.

"You will never forget this, will You?"

She made her impression alright. She also demonstrated the right ways and the "wrong" ways to use different tools. How to apply a sting, a snap or a thud. As you would say, just the beginning. Next, of course, the clamps; nipple & cock clamps were okay, but the ones on My balls really lit-up My world. I was nowhere near a zone and never will be. So everything new was just new pain. No pleasure. It was back to the whip and I mean "WHIP", all 6 feet of it. At one point She asked Me,

"Do you want more slut?"


Well, you can guess that this was not the response She was looking for, but I was not going to relent. So out came the butt plug. This was the first time anybody had ever touched My asshole. But, I'll have to say She did make it an erotic experience. She talked Me through it very nicely. Some more flogging and finally My reward. She told jan to give me some head and talked her through exactly what she wanted done. That was pretty cool. The end of My "1st Training Lesson".

Copyright 2004




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