Code of Conduct


` The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for those in, and/or interested in, the D/s or BDSM lifestyle. To promote and provide a friendly and safe place to meet others, share ideas, get answers to questions and learn about the general BDSM community in a local venue. Gender, sexual orientation and kink do not matter. You are welcome regardless of experience or lack of experience. This is for responsible adults, age 21 and over. Pansexual in nature. our most important aspect is that we believe in, and practice, Safe, Sane and consensual concepts of the lifestyle. By subscribing to the West Coast Power Exchange (WCPX) Yahoo Group, you certify your agreement to comply by this Code of Conduct at any of the group's settings or functions, online or in person. You certify that:

The group has monthly socials / munches open to the public. All members must attend at least two socials / munches (or be sponsored by a member in good standing who will be responsible for you) in order to be able to attend any other private events. The group also has other various discussion sessions, demonstrations, workshops, and parties. There will be occasional play parties and "special events" as well. Information about the West Coast Power Exchange Group Munch can be found on the Calendar Page or posted on our Yahoo Group Site.

You are welcome to use this list for your own announcements (for socials/munches, parties, new babies, birthdays, the like) if you feel that the others from the group will benefit from receiving your announcement. When you first become a member, it is common practice to send a post introducing yourself to the group. This is commonly referred to as "de-lurking". You may tell as much or as little about yourself as you wish. A basic, short history is appropriate in most situations. Send your posts (email) to:Memberservices at

These messages will be sent to ALL the members in This Group. If you're replying to someone else's post to the list, be sure your email software is addressing your reply properly. If you really meant to reply to someone privately make sure that the Group's address is NOT included in your email's address section. Invitations to BDSM / fetish events, personal musings and experiences involving BDSM / fetish, and queries for BDSM / fetish information are all examples of appropriate posts. Please do not send "test" messages to the list. If you try to post and find you cannot, please send private mail to the group moderator.

Please refrain from one-liners like "I agree", "You're wrong" or "This is so wonderful", etc. Posts that cheer on other posts but don't add additional commentary would be better sent through private email in most situations. If you want to express such sentiments, please email (only) the original poster privately. [Please make sure to check your mail headers to be sure you are not sending a private message to the entire list by accident].

It's a good idea to quote a small portion from any post youíre replying to so we will know what youíre referring to. Please refrain from including long quotes from someone elseís post without adding anything of substantial relevance. Never quote entire posts. The generally accepted rule of thumb is to quote nothing over 50 percent of what you add (in other words, if your response to something is ten lines, make sure the part you're quoting is no more than four or five lines).

Trolling is posting to the list what you want, the kind of person you want to attract. Trolling is the kind of post you would see in a personal ad. Personal ads are not appropriate to post to the group. No one should respond to these types of posts sight unseen. Also, There will be no unsolicited private emails for the purposes of trolling the membership list. One purpose of this group is to meet together and socialize real time where real partnerships may occur.

Subject Lines
When responding to just one part of a particular post, or in any other way changing the subject under discussion, or if you wish to begin a new thread for discussion, please create a new subject line that is descriptive of the substance of your post and the topic you wish to discuss. Yahoo groups attaches the entire content of the letter being responded to if the subject is not changed when using the "respond" function.

Commercial Activities
Messages that is commercial in nature, including direct advertising or solicitations are generally considered off topic here. If you have a particular commercial announcement that you would like to post on the list because it would be of benefit to most of the subscribers, please clear it first with the yahoo group moderator.

Language & Manners
Please, refrain from using offensive, aggressive or intimidating language. It's okay to disagree, but do so respectfully and based on rational arguments. The rule is very simple: always address the idea or concept under discussion and do not attack the person or their right to think or feel a particular way. While demonstrating your passion about a topic is appreciated, demonstrating your lack of manners and self-control is not. Flames (even "unintended" ones) will be dealt with swiftly. You will be warned once. If it continues, you will be moderated (meaning that your posts will be sent directly to the list moderator by yahoo groups and then must be approved by the list moderator before being sent along to the other members of the group). Once you have been moderated, if the flaming continues on your part, you will be un-subscribed from the group without further notice to you.
Meta - Discussions: Meta-discussions are not to be posted to this list. Meta-discussions are where you post about the list - that is, you discuss what should and shouldn't be posted, discuss what software we should use, discuss how you think the list should be run, etc. These discussions should only go to private mail they are not appropriate list content. Feel free to email if you have a comment regarding the list or the group in general.

Pictures and Attachments
To protect the members of this list, files/photos cannot be attached to an email. If you have a file/photo you would like uploaded to the group, please contact one of the moderators.

Chain Letters
A basic rule to be followed when you have received an email message asking you to pass it on is ... DON'T (unless it's a great BDSM play party that we're all invited to! (Check with the announcement originator first). If you are unsure if the content of a message is appropriate, please send the message to so you can receive some input. Inappropriate chain letters would include all computer virus warnings; "charity" type announcements (companies donate a nominal amount of money if you forward the email message); urban legend emails (yes, the kidney surgery, the CNN announcement about the internet surcharge, and the gang initiation with headlights off are urban myths), and just about anything else that says "warning" or "pass it on" for good luck.


Privacy Issues
Please respect other's privacy. Although the existence of our group is not a secret, the actual membership list is private, and may only be accessed by our members. It is considered proper etiquette to refrain from mentioning or using anyoneís real name on-line, in chat areas or in posts. It is expected that you will use your own judgment in deciding whether or not your own posts might create a privacy issue for you. It is important to note that anything seen or heard at any group functions must remain confidential. It is generally accepted etiquette that you do not mention other people or events in your posts without the permission of those involved. Picture taking, video cams, laptop cameras, cell phone cameras and all audio recording devices at all events (public and private) are not allowed without express permission of the subject person(s). This includes those that may be inadvertently caught in the background. If you receive mail from another list member that you consider to be threatening or harassing, it is your responsibility to take the proper measures to report this individual to their ISP, including all documentation of the harassment. A report of the incident or incidents should be reported to the List Moderator. While the list is unable to take legal action on your behalf, the offending memberís behavior will be noted, and if there are continued problems, may be un-subscribed from the list. Posts made to the list by individuals are considered private posts to the WCPX members only. The copying of posts and sending to others outside of our list can be grounds for being un-subscribed. Please respect others privacy as you would have yours respected.

Member Profiles
Aside from the "de-lurking" introduction posting mentioned above, we strongly suggest that all members fill in the profile section of yahoo groups. This information will benefit those that will join after you, and help you to become familiar with the existing members. Many of the topics posted to our group are intimate and personal in nature. In order for everyone to feel comfortable being as open and honest as possible, it is more comfortable to have some idea of who will be receiving your posts. There is no need for you to reveal anything that you consider private, but some general information is welcome. Note: The Yahoo Group profile is the same for appearing on ALL other Yahoo Groups subscribed to. Your "basket weaving teachers yahoo group" might be quite shocked to read about your foot fetish in your profile.

Hosting an Event
If you would like to host an event, or have a idea for a event, that you think the group would be interested in, please be sure to contact the group moderator and submit it, before you post it to the group. Everyone is encouraged to get involved, and we all love it when one of our own has a talent or something special to share. However, it is best to have a central point where dates and topics donít and wonít run over each other. If there were something particular that you would like to see, or think others might be interested in, donít hesitate to discuss it with the list/group moderator. We would like to be able to have a wide variety of events that meet the interests of everyone.




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