Privacy Statement


WCPX is committed to the privacy of our membership. All membership information and knowledge of member activities is always kept in strict confidence. The membership information will only made available to Committee Members on a need-to-know basis. Within the group, we do not share your information without prior permission. We wish to provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere for all of our members, regardless of the level of privacy they desire. Members are not to discuss our events to any third party, or any group member who was not in attendance.

Picture taking, video cams, laptop cameras, cell phone cameras and all audio recording devices at all events (public and private) are not allowed. Occasionally, we desire to add pictures of certain events to our group scrapbook. We have a designated group photographer, who will announce any photo plans in advance. No pictures will be taken of any member without their full knowledge and consent. This includes any persons that could potentially be in the background of a shot.

Obviously, the WCPX group is not totally “secret”, or you would not have found us. We are a real group of people, who meet face to face on a regular basis. No matter how hard we might try, The WCPX can not “guarantee” total anonymity to anyone. Members must evaluate their own privacy requirements, and make a personal risk assessment before attending any of our events.

Please see our Code of Conduct page for further details on the rules regarding privacy within our group.



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